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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Getting beachy, volumized locks

Achieving hair that looks like you have just stepped off the beach is super easy. Just follow these few simple steps.

What you will need
-Volumizing Hair Mousse
-Hair Dryer 
-A brush
-Dry Shampoo or Working Hair Spray
-A Teasing Comb

1- After washing your hair, apply mousse while hair is still damp. Work the mousse from your roots to the ends.

2- Blow dry your hair. Whilst doing this; tip your head forward and apply the hair dryer to the back of your head, while brushing your hair away from the scalp. This is going to cause the hair to set in an unnatural way, so when you tip your head back you will have instant volume.

3- Once your hair is time to do some backcombing to the crown section of your hair.  Section the hair into portions of about 10cm wide and 1cm thick. Take your dry shampoo or working spray and apply it the the roots of the hair. Allow the product to sit for 30 seconds and then backcomb the hair.

 Done :)

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