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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The best of cruelty free, drugstore, cosmetics brands.

About three years ago now I came across an article published by PETA that discussed animal testing. After reading through the article with shock, I took a deep sigh of relief and thought thank god I don't use brands which carry out these kind of testing practices. However this article stayed on my mind for a while and I when I got home I wanted to check that all my makeup was cruelty free. I went onto the PETA website and downloaded the list of companies that carried out product testing on animals. I was shocked to discover that a lot of my drugstore and pharmacy cosmetics were from popular, well known brands that test on animals.  From then on I decided to only purchase cruelty free cosmetics brands. Deciding to do this did limit the range of drugstore brands I could shop from, however I felt I couldn't justify the suffering of any animal for the sake of my own vanity. 

I have put together a short list of Drugstore brands that are cruelty free and who's products I frequently use.


I am a fan of their nail polishes, I find them long wearing and durable. They are also super affordable starting as low as $4.00 in price. 


Revlon makes some pretty good lipsticks. The lipsticks are creamy, apply well onto the lips and don't have that cakey appearance.


I love Chi Chi's nail polishes. They have some lovely opaque shades and again are super durable. I can wear them for up to 4 days without any chipping.  


Australis makes a good eyeshadow primer. I alternate between this product and my Urban Decay Primer Potion.


I am a fan of the NYX eyeshadow pencils. They are great as an eyeshadow base or used alone.


I like the Bourjois mascaras. The mascara will last for a long time and the paint doesnt dry up after a short amount of time, like other mascaras will. 

For a full list of companies that are cruelty free click on the link below 


  1. revlon & rimmel aren't cruelty free. i literally just wrote down every single drugstore brand i love that do test on animals, so i don't buy from them & both of them are on that list. nyx is still cruelty free, but the other two i don't know, since we don't have those brands in puerto rico... sorry! i'm turning cruelty-free too & it's hard to see soo many great companies test on animals :( hope it helps you. if you can, i recommend elf cosmetics & wet n' wild. elf has a website ( & they have AWESOME deals. most of their products are $1-$3, & wet n' wild are my fav cosmetic brand for eyeshadows, blushes, highlighter, lipsticks, etc. check out my blog if you want to see more :)

  2. Revlon and Rimmel are not cruelty free, I'm unsure about the other brands but I do know for sure that Australis is (they're certified by Choose Cruelty Free).
    The general rule of thumb would be that any cosmetics that are sold in China (mandatory animal testing in order to sell your cosmetics there) are not cruelty free and any company owned by a parent company that tests on animals is too not cutlery free, my fave example of this is MAC not only do they sell in China but they're owned by one of the biggest animal testing companies Procter and Gamble.