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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Pastel Passion

Pastel colours are in! Today I was experimenting with my Lime Crime and Sugarpill Cosmetics and came up with this look. I'm also loving my candy skull necklace, which I'm wearing in these photos.

Product list

Urban Decay Naked Palette, 
88 Matte Palette by BH Cosmetics,
Paperdoll Loose Pigment by Sugarpill,
False Lashes by Eyelure

Airborne Unicorn by Lime Crime

JulieG Collection 

Kevin Murphy Colour Bug

Necklace from Lovisa
Galaxy Leggings from Lucy In The Sky

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Aesop Skincare

I came across Aesop earlier this year while browsing through a Myers store and was immediately drawn to their products by their unique use of branding and product design. The minimalistic, natural and almost scientific nature of their brand encompasses all what the company is about. Aesop develops natural, plant based products beneficial for your hair, skin and body. They even have developed products for your pets.

I love the design of their packaging.

If you have sensitive skin the Aesop is probably a line worth while checking out. Their plant based formulas are proven to soothe and aid sensitive skin.

My favourite product from the Aesop line is their Rind Concentrate Body Balm.

I absolutely love the citrus scent of this balm. I like to use this product mainly as a hand moisturizer, but I also to hydrate my arms. The product contains orange rind, pink grapefruit, lemon rind and is boosted with citrus, aloe and carrot extracts.

The lightweight formula dosent leave my hands feeling greasy, but instead super soft and smelling amazing. 

I would recommend Aesop for anyone who prefers to use organic, natural based products. They have stores and outlets worldwide. To find out more about Aesop visit their website

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Seeing Red

Red hair is in! Not that cherry red hair that Rihanna was wearing sometime last year, but long flowing, natural, strawberry locks. Lots of celebrities have been making the change to red, to achieve that look that comes natural to celebrities like, Isla Fisher, Lily Cole and Bryce Dallas Howard. Did you know that Amy Adams, whom everyone assumes is a natural red head, decided to dye her hair red, because she felt she would have a greater chance in being cast in film roles. Similarly Emma Stone is a natural blonde, though everyone assumes she is naturally red. Clearly there is something about red heads, perhaps its the Jessica Rabbit appeal.

Choosing the right shade of red to go can be a bit difficult. I've chosen four of my favourite different shades of red, as seen here on Jessica Chastain, Blake Lively, Rose McGowan and Ashlee Simpson. 

Jessica Chastain
Her hair colour is quite a light, soft red, with a touch of blonde throughout. This is her natural colour and can be quite tricky to achieve if you are dying your hair at home. If this is the colour you are after its probably wise to discuss it with a professional colourist. 

Blake Lively
Blake dyed her hair a beautiful strawberry blonde for a film role, back in late 2011. It seemed that everyone loved this colour on her and she was likened to Ariel, The Little Mermaid by the media. 

Rose McGowan
The colour that Rose wears is a bold, statement red. Rose, who is a natural brunette has managed to pull of this shade quite well, making it look like it was the colour she was born with. I would consider this a true Auburn colour. 

Ashlee Simpson
Ashlee is always changing up her hair colour and I much prefer her as a red head to the dark brown/black colour she wore back in 2004/05. Her shade is a darker red with a mahogany tone and it compliments her fair complexion.

Dying your hair red
Going red is a big change, if you have never been that colour before. Before going in with anything permanent I would recommend doing a test with an 8 wash dye to see if it works. Its probably a good idea to find a few images of colours you like and taking them in to discuss with your colourist. Before I cut or dye my hair I always hunt the internet for hairstyles/colours I like, save them to my Ipad and then take it in to show my Hairdresser. This works because then we both have a clear idea of what I want my hair to look like. Remember too that once you have dyed your hair red, you will probably need to change up your everyday makeup look to compliment your new hair colour, especially the shade of your eyebrows!

Choosing a Fragrance 101 & my top picks for Winter

Winter has definitely arrived in Australia and just as you would change up your winter wardrobe you can also experiment with new fragrances for the colder months. In the summer time I like to choose a scent which is light and fruity, while in the Winter its nice to go for something which is spicy and rich. Before I go into my favourite winter fragrances there are a points and purchase tips I have about fragrances.

What is the difference between a Perfume and an Eau de toilette?
Put simply the main difference between a Perfume and an Eau de toilette is the concentration of the scent. Perfumes have a much higher concentration of oil (which contains the scent) while Eau de toilettes have a much higher alcohol content. The fragrance of the Perfume will last for about 10 hours on the skin, which is much longer than an Eau de toilette will, lasting for about 4-6 hours. I like to spray an Eau de toilette on my skin after showering as a body freshener, while I prefer to spray a perfume for an all day scent. 

What are Perfume notes?
The notes within a perfume are the aromas that a perfume contains and the three different stages of scent evaporation. Essentially they are the three different stages of scents you will smell from a perfume; top notes, middle notes and base notes. When you first apply a perfume to your skin you will be able to smell the top notes, this is the first impression that you get from the perfume. However these notes will quickly evaporate and you will loose that scent. The middle notes are considered the main body of the fragrance. After about 30 minutes you will then be able to smell the base notes of the perfume. The middle and base notes will combine to give you the aroma that will stay on your skin for about 10 hours.

Does fragrance have an expiration date? 
Fragrances generally do not have an expiration date. As fragrances age their aromas will change and mature, some for the better and some for the worse. However over time fragrances will loose the intensity of the scent that you may have been initially sold on. I experienced this with a perfume I bought on sale, the original Britney Spears "Fantasy". The scent in my bottle had lost its top notes and was quite different from the tester bottle in the store. That being said I bought the perfume because it was drastically reduced, which in theory should have been a warning that they were selling very old stock. 

Try before you buy
You should never buy a fragrance online or from a store, without testing it first and deciding wether its for you. Its easy to be sold on a fragrance through persuasive advertising or celebrity endorsement. Even if your friend is wearing a fragrance that you like, you should always test it on your own skin before purchasing. This is because everyone has a unique body chemistry and the way in which fragrances work is by the fragrance aromas combining with your own chemistry. So essentially a fragrance will have a variating scent depending upon who is using it. You should always judge a fragrance on what aroma it gives approximately 4 hours after first applying it, as you want to purchase it on the lasting aroma the base and middle notes leave.

Fragrance storage
Lastly always make sure you store your fragrances away from heat and light, in a dry place. 

Ok, so now onto fragrances for Winter! The fragrances I have picked work well for me, however as I explained earlier you may find they may or may not work for you. These fragrances have deep, rich, aromas, perfect to compliment you in the colder months.



Flowerbomb Extreme by Victor & Rolf is the more oriental, smoother version of the original Flowerbomb. I found with this perfume it starts as a more softer scent but settles as a rich creamy aroma on the skin. Overall I feel it gives you a lasting sweet, floral scent. The Amber is definitely the most prominent note and its very long lasting, it stays on my skin for about 10- 12 hours. I would consider this a night time scent and I like to wear it when I'm going out. 

TOP NOTES- Bergamot & Sambac Jasmine  
MIDDLE NOTES- Osmanthus, White Flowers & Balms     
BASE NOTES-  Patchouli, Amber, Benzoin & Vanilla

Obviously as the name suggests the bottle is designed to replicate a grenade. I quite like the bottle, its quite compact and stores nicely.

The lowest price I have been able to find on the net is from The charge $92.95 for the 30ml EDP and $119.95 for the 50ml EDP.


When I first heard that Taylor Swift was putting her name to a perfume I thought it would be some over sweet, teen scent, however I was pleasantly surprised. I actually really like the lasting scent this perfume leaves on my skin. It smells delicious and has a deep fruity aroma with a floral hint. I prefer to wear this perfume in the day and it lasts about 10 hours on my skin.

TOP NOTES- Raspberry, Dewberry, Apple Blossom, Freesia & Green Tea
MIDDLE NOTES- Honeysuckle, Vanilla & Hibiscus   
BASE NOTES-  Amber, Musk, Sandalwood & Peach

The bottle design is fairly standard, rounded design. The purple bottle comes adorned with charms, reflective of Taylor's personality. As to what the three charms represent, I'm not entirely sure, but at a guess the bird, the star and the cage is some nod to being set free, reaching your dreams. etc ( the usual Taylor Swift deal )

The lowest online price is from with the 100ml EDP spray priced at $80. The 50ml EDP Spray is $64.


Saving the best till last, Rose The One by D&G, this is probably one of my all time favourite scents. Theres not much I can say about this apart from the fact that it smells like your wearing a basket of roses with a hint of citrus. Its not a light floral scent, it has some depth to it, which is why I recommend if for Winter. I wear this all the time, day or night, I find its a really warm scent, so perfect for winter!

TOP NOTES- Blackcurrant, Pink Grapefruit & Mandarin
MIDDLE NOTES- Lily of the Valley, Rose, Litchi, Peony & Madonna Lily
BASE NOTES- Ambrette Seed, Sandalwood, Musk & Vanilla.

The bottle design could be considered quite mature and elegant. Its fairly simplistic and the minimalistic glass design seems to be balanced by the heavy perfume lid. 

This perfume is widely available across the net. You shouldn't pay anymore than $70 for the 75ml EDP.

So there you go! I hope this has enlightened you and given you some ideas. Remember try before you buy! Louise x