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Monday, 16 April 2012

JulieG Nailpolish Collection

Julie aka JulieG713 was the first Youtube makeup guru that I started to follow. I found her tutorials very clear, descriptive and easy to follow and I quickly became a fan. Her large audience on Youtube has made her one of the most popular beauty and style gurus on the web. 

When she announced she was bringing out her own nailpolish line I was very excited, the colours she has formulated are beautiful. I placed my order the day they were released from Jesse's Girl Cosmetics . I am yet to try the colours, but I wanted to share a few quick snaps after I unpacked them.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Kevin Murphy Color Bug

I recently purchased the Kevin Murphy Color Bugs. I love this product! I have done a review and tutorial on my youtube account. Enjoy!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Ruby Slippers

I have always liked been obsessed with the Ruby Slippers as worn by Judy Garland, In the Wizard of Oz. About 2 years ago I started to collect various styles of the red shoe. The other day I came into the possession of a pair of red glitter heels from Wittner and these are the shoes I am wearing below. Upon this purchase I decided to make a post, sharing with you my ruby slipper collection and how you can get your own pair. 

Jittery Red by Wittner.

Closeup of my Wittner Ruby Slippers

I also own a pair of  "Fold - A- Flats" Ruby Slippers from Wittner, as shown below. These are super comfy and great to carry around in my handbag, incase I need to change my shoes. AUD$39.95

The next pair of Ruby Slippers were hand made for me, by Jason who is based in Albuquerque, USA. These are the closest replica I own, to the shoes worn by Judy Garland. I absolutely love these shoes, Jason did an exquisite job and I would recommend his shoes for anyone who would like a pair. These shoes were the first Ruby Slippers I owned. 

Lastly these are the shoes that I want next. Also from Wittner; I am waiting till they come out on sale.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Instead of eggs this Easter

If you are trying to avoid chocolate eggs this Easter or if you are looking for a different kind of Easter gift, then read on.

I was walking past The Body Shop last week and I was stopped by their window display. Their Chocomania range caught my attention. Obviously as the name suggests, these products have been formulated to smell exactly like chocolate and I have to admit that they actually do. I bought two products from the range; the body butter and the shower cream. Other products in the range include; a body scrub, body lotion, lip butter, soaps and a bath lilly. You can even buy some of the products in a tin, designed to mimic an actual chocolate box.

Like all Body Shop, body butters the cream is smooth and velvet like. The butter is an excellent way to hydrate your skin after bathing or whenever needed. It smells divine, just like covering your body with melted chocolate. This product retails for AUD$29.95

This product is more like a sauce. It reminds of the chocolate topping you place over your ice-cream. Again it is very fragrant and leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and smelling amazing. This products retails for AUD$13.95

Using the body butter

It smells amazing. Just like chocolate

The packaging has been well designed

The shower cream

You can purchase products from the Chocomania range instore, or online here 

Happy Easter!!