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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Seeing Red

Red hair is in! Not that cherry red hair that Rihanna was wearing sometime last year, but long flowing, natural, strawberry locks. Lots of celebrities have been making the change to red, to achieve that look that comes natural to celebrities like, Isla Fisher, Lily Cole and Bryce Dallas Howard. Did you know that Amy Adams, whom everyone assumes is a natural red head, decided to dye her hair red, because she felt she would have a greater chance in being cast in film roles. Similarly Emma Stone is a natural blonde, though everyone assumes she is naturally red. Clearly there is something about red heads, perhaps its the Jessica Rabbit appeal.

Choosing the right shade of red to go can be a bit difficult. I've chosen four of my favourite different shades of red, as seen here on Jessica Chastain, Blake Lively, Rose McGowan and Ashlee Simpson. 

Jessica Chastain
Her hair colour is quite a light, soft red, with a touch of blonde throughout. This is her natural colour and can be quite tricky to achieve if you are dying your hair at home. If this is the colour you are after its probably wise to discuss it with a professional colourist. 

Blake Lively
Blake dyed her hair a beautiful strawberry blonde for a film role, back in late 2011. It seemed that everyone loved this colour on her and she was likened to Ariel, The Little Mermaid by the media. 

Rose McGowan
The colour that Rose wears is a bold, statement red. Rose, who is a natural brunette has managed to pull of this shade quite well, making it look like it was the colour she was born with. I would consider this a true Auburn colour. 

Ashlee Simpson
Ashlee is always changing up her hair colour and I much prefer her as a red head to the dark brown/black colour she wore back in 2004/05. Her shade is a darker red with a mahogany tone and it compliments her fair complexion.

Dying your hair red
Going red is a big change, if you have never been that colour before. Before going in with anything permanent I would recommend doing a test with an 8 wash dye to see if it works. Its probably a good idea to find a few images of colours you like and taking them in to discuss with your colourist. Before I cut or dye my hair I always hunt the internet for hairstyles/colours I like, save them to my Ipad and then take it in to show my Hairdresser. This works because then we both have a clear idea of what I want my hair to look like. Remember too that once you have dyed your hair red, you will probably need to change up your everyday makeup look to compliment your new hair colour, especially the shade of your eyebrows!

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  1. Oh those red heads! Definitely the colour to be, I think! :D xx