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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lemon & Raw Sugar Facial

The lemon and raw sugar facial is one of my favourite ways to detox my skin. It is a natural, cost effective and easy way to purify your pores. People of all ages can try this and the facial is a remedy for several different skin conditions. Most importantly it works to fight Acne. 


How it works as a remedy for Acne
The sugar and the lemon juice work together to form a scrub. While the sugar buffs away dead skin cells and smoothes your skin, the juice works inside your pores. The Citric acids from the lemon works as a natural bleach, so when applied to areas affected by Acne it works to reduce redness and bleaches old scars. Again the good thing about this process is that it is 100% natural and you are not applying any harsh chemicals to your skin. I have found that in order for this scrub to work its magic, you need to do this facial at least 3 times a week for 3 weeks to see some amazing results! 

What you will need
-A lemon. If you can use organic lemons, thats even better!
-Raw sugar
-3 circular makeup pads

Lets get started!

Firstly you will need to take a wash cloth and soak it in hot water. You then want to apply this to your face and let it sit there for a couple of minutes. The reason for doing this is because the hot water and steam will open up the pores on your face and allow the scrub to work.

You then want to take your makeup pad and add about 3 pinches of raw sugar .

Next take your lemon and squeeze a considerable amount of juice onto the sugar, allowing the makeup pad to be completely covered.

This is what your makeup pad should look like

Then you are going to take the makeup pad and apply it to the face. Massage the scrub onto the skin in circular motions, making sure all of the skin is covered. You will need approximately 3 makeup pads to complete all of your face and your neck if you want to. Spend more time working with the scrub in areas affected by Acne.  Remember its alright if it stings a little, because that means that the citric acids are working! However if using the scrub is causing extreme discomfort, discontinue use immediately. It should take about 5-10 minutes to complete this facial. Once you are done take your wash cloth, this time with tepid water and wash the scrub from your face. 

Your skin should know feel clean, refreshed and smooth. Half an hour after the facial make sure you apply your moisturizer of choice. For me its my Vitamin E cream. 

I hope this helps.
Louise. x

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