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Friday, 6 April 2012

Ruby Slippers

I have always liked been obsessed with the Ruby Slippers as worn by Judy Garland, In the Wizard of Oz. About 2 years ago I started to collect various styles of the red shoe. The other day I came into the possession of a pair of red glitter heels from Wittner and these are the shoes I am wearing below. Upon this purchase I decided to make a post, sharing with you my ruby slipper collection and how you can get your own pair. 

Jittery Red by Wittner.

Closeup of my Wittner Ruby Slippers

I also own a pair of  "Fold - A- Flats" Ruby Slippers from Wittner, as shown below. These are super comfy and great to carry around in my handbag, incase I need to change my shoes. AUD$39.95

The next pair of Ruby Slippers were hand made for me, by Jason who is based in Albuquerque, USA. These are the closest replica I own, to the shoes worn by Judy Garland. I absolutely love these shoes, Jason did an exquisite job and I would recommend his shoes for anyone who would like a pair. These shoes were the first Ruby Slippers I owned. 

Lastly these are the shoes that I want next. Also from Wittner; I am waiting till they come out on sale.

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  1. Kitty in a basket? Way too cute Miss Lolia! And you are an adorable Dorothy!